(effective (09/01/2016)

New Member Capitalization Fee:*$15.00 / ea

Membership Acct Closing**

$12.50 / ea

Legal Documents Processing

$75.00 / ea

Incoming Domestic Wire

$5.00 / ea

Incoming Foreign Wire

$10.00 / ea

Outgoing Domestic Wire

$15.00 / ea

Outgoing Foreign Wire

No Longer Available

Cashier’s Check

$4.00 / ea

Foreign Check Deposit

$7.50 / ea

Returned Deposited Item

 $25.00 / ea

Non-machinable Item

 $5.00 / ea

ACH Research

$5.00 / ea

Paper Statement Fee

$1.00 / ea
Minimum Balance (if below minimum balance during quarter)$5.00 (last day of qrtr.)

Excessive Withdrawals (> 6 / Month)

$5.00 / ea

Insufficient Funds – NSF 

$30.00 / ea

Savings O/D Transfer$5.00 (last day of qrtr.)

Share Draft Image

$3.00 / ea

Non-standard Share Draft Image

$10.00 / ea

Stop Payment

 $20.00 / ea

Protest Letter

$20.00 / ea

Insufficient Funds – NSF

$30.00 / ea
Debit Card Set-up $6.00

Monthly Service Charge


Rejected Charge-back


Card Replacement

$25.00 / ea

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (deducted last day of month)

$1.75 / ea

VISA Foreign Currency (Currency Conversion)

1% of trx

VISA Foreign Currency (No Currency Conversion)

.8% of trx

Unblocking in Foreign Countries

$20.00 / ea trip

Self-selected PIN

$2.00 / ea

PIN Re-order

$2.00 / ea

Non Member Draft Fees

$5.00 / Monthly
Overdraft Loan Set-up $5.00

Real Estate Loan Application 


Late Fee on Overdraft Loans


Duplicate Lien release

$15.00 / ea

Late Fee on Consumer Loans

$20.00 / ea

Insurance Administration

(To force place collateral protection if insurance is not obtained or is allowed to lapse)


Please note that fees may change periodically. Please feel free to call the office for any updated fees.

*Youth accounts are not subject to the new membership account fee.

**Fee to close an account is assessed if closed within 90 days of opening the account.

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