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Mortgage Rates

Buffalo-Cooperative FCU Partners with OwnersChoice Funding

The BCFCU has partnered with OwnersChoice Funding to offer additional mortgage loan products to our membership. OwnersChoice Funding offers a full array of mortgage loan products, which includes both fixed and variable rate loans, as well as FHA loans, to fit the many different needs of our members.

If you are looking to buy a home or a vacation home, purchase an investment property, refinance an existing mortgage to lower your interest rate, or access equity in your property, the staff at the BCFCU and OwnersChoice Funding are on hand to help you with your financing needs. Contact us today!

OwnersChoice Funding is a Licensed Mortgage Banker with the CT, DE, FL, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, SC, and VT State Banking Departments. OwnersChoice Funding is staffed by licensed professionals who serve only credit union members. Their office is conveniently located on Harlem Road in Snyder, New York.

To learn more about the products OwnersChoice Funding Mortgage offers, visit www.ownerschoice.com or call the BCFCU office at (716) 881-3767.