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Auto Loans

Our Auto Loans are designed to be competitive to other financial institutes. We provide affordable ways to finance a new or used. We will even refinance your current Auto loan to help you save money.

Personal Loans

Our Personal Loans are designed to help people obtain affordable loans for personal purposes. We believe in helping the community obtain affordable money without it mortgaging their financial future.

Mortgage Loans

Our Mortgage Loans are designed to help someone buy a new home. We believe that buying a home is already stressful enough. We want to take some of that burden off of you and give you that credit union feel when obtaining your new mortgage.

Equity Loans

Our home Equity Loans are for when you already own your house, and have a mortgage. If you need to do home repairs, we make it easy to take out money from the value of your house.

Credit Builder Loan

We designed our credit builder loan to help our members build, or repair their credit. We believe in helping our members build their credit scores in order to obtain lower interest rates in the future.

Emergency loans

Our Emergency loans are designed to help the people of buffalo get financing when they wouldn’t be able to get traditional financing.

Line of Credit loans

Our Line of Credit loans are more affordable than a credit card. We want you to help you save money by switching your credit cards over to our Line of Credit Loan.

Loan Rates

Type Term Rate
Model Year 2015 – 2017 24 months1.99%

Model Year 2015 – 2017 

36 months2.14%

Model Year 2015 – 2017

48 months2.24%

Model Year 2015 – 2017

60 months2.49%

Model Year 2015 – 2017

72 months2.74%

Model Year 2015 – 2017

84 months2.99%
Type Term Rate
Model Year 2010 – 201424 months2.24%

Model Year 2010 – 2014

36 months2.39%

Model Year 2010 – 2014

48 months2.49%

Model Year 2010 – 2014

60 months2.74%

Model Year 2010 – 2014

72 months2.99%
Type Term Rate
Model Year 2009 & Older24 months2.74%

Model Year 2009 & Older

36 months2.89%

Model Year 2009 & Older

48 months2.99%

Model Year 2009 & Older

60 months3.24%

Model Year 2009 & Older

72 months3.49%
Type Amount Rate
Overdraft$100.00 to $1,499.9914.90%
Line of Credit (Variable rate, subject to change. Risk-based pricing does not apply)$1,500.00 to $10,000.00 5 year draw, 5 year paydown9.00%
Duration Rate
24 months7.50%
25 to 48 months8.00%
49 to 60 months8.75%
Loan Type Amount Rate
Emergency Loanup to $5,0008.75%
Micro – Business Loanup to $5,0009.25%
Credit Builderup to $5,00011.90%
Loan Type Rate
Business Line of Credit – variable rate / subject to change. Score based pricing does not apply effective October 1, 201610.00%
Business Vehicle – Titled Equipment4.75%
Business Equipment – UCC Lien5.00%

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