a community-based financial institution located in the heart of the Elmwood Village

You must be a member of the Buffalo Cooperative FCU (BCFCU) to apply for a loan.

For information on how to become a member of the BCFCU, please visit our membership page, or contact the office at (716) 881-3767.

When you borrow from the BCFCU the interest paid on your loan stays in the LOCAL community.

The interest income supports the services we offer to our members, and is returned to the membership in the form of dividends on their share accounts.



All loan applicants must complete a LoanLiner application form. Please follow these instructions for completing a loan application form.

You must indicate the dollar amount and purpose of your loan request, and provide us complete contact information for your two references.

  • Complete the form online. (If you wish, you may print a blank loan application form and complete it by hand.)
  • Print out the completed form.
  • Sign the completed loan application.
  • Mail the completed form to the BCFCU office, fax it to us or drop it off in person, or email.
  • Include proof of income and any additional information that would be needed for your loan type with the loan application.

If you wish to submit your form by e-mail, follow these simple steps.

  • Download the LoanLiner application form to your computer by using the File-Save function in the Adobe Reader window.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Save the completed form with a name which will be identifiable to BCFCU staff members.
  • E-mail the file to the BCFCU as an attachment to either Brandon or Michael.
  • If you need our email addresses, you can send us a message from the contact us page and we will reply.

All applicants must provide verification of their source of income. Acceptable forms of proof include:

  • W2 EmployeeFull months paystubs (4-Weekly, 2 Semi-Monthly, 2-Bi-Weekly, 1-Monthly)
  • Self EmployedProfit and Loss Statement for the last 3 months along with two current and consecutive month’s business bank statements, and the last two years tax returns.
  • Social Security Current Years Social Security Statement, or two current and consecutive months bank statements showing the deposit of Social Security.
  • Alimony, Child Support or Separate Maintenance Current statement and two current and consecutive months bank statements showing deposit of the support. (Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repayment of this obligation.)
  • Pension or RetirementCurrent Years Statement, or two current and consecutive months bank statements showing the deposit of the Pension or Retirement.
  • RentalCurrent lease agreement with two current and consecutive months bank statements showing deposit of rent, and the last two years tax returns.

Additional information is needed for the following loans:

Automobile, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, ATV/PWC Loans

  • Proof of Insurance
    • Insurance Binder showing Buffalo Cooperative FCU as the Loss Payee
    • Valid as of the day the loan is disbursed
    • Minimum of $500.00 Deductible for collision and comprehension
  • Purchase Agreement
    • Name of seller
    • Make, Model, and Vin/Identification Number of Vehicle
    • Date of Sale
    • Purchase Price
  • Refinancing Auto Loan
    • 10 Day Payoff Quote from original Lender
    • Original Title

Personal Loans or Debt Consolidation

  • Bills that are being consolidated
  • Address of where payments will be sent and how the check should be made out

We will process your loan application as quickly as possible.

Please provide us with accurate phone contact information so that we may reach you if we have questions during the application review process.

Complex loan applications may take longer to process.

Thank you for considering the BCFCU for your borrowing needs.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Download the application HERE